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Why is Auto insurance required?

In every State, it is must for all drivers to furnish the proof that he has Auto Insurance.
Auto Insurance Policies are intended to cover you from the financial, physical and legal losses.
Auto Insurance policies do not only protect you and your financial losses but also covers the expenses of other party.
What types of coverage are there under an Auto Insurance Policy?

Medical Coverage: treatment charges, therapy, lost money and funeral expenses occurred due to the accident.
Property Coverage: Damages and loss of your car.
Liability Coverage: Covers the other party’s property damage as well as physical injuries.
How to identify the coverage requirement of my State?

To know this, you’ll have to contact your State insurance department or to find the detailed information, please look in the Insurance Information Institute.

Tell us the determinants of Auto Insurance premiums?

Auto Insurance premiums are based on the risk factors involved. Such as Insurance Company’s costs involved in protecting you. Then the factors like your age, credit rating, driving history, the routes you mostly drive in, condition of your car etc.

Why the Insurance Rates differ from one insurance company to other?

According to the experience, cost of doing business and risk factors, the Insurance Rates differ from one company to other. Hence it is important to study the Insurance rates of all companies available.

Can we reduce our car Insurance rates?

Yes, it is possible if,

You have safe driving record
You are using services like Driver training, anti-theft system, low mileage, multiple cars or long time renewal.
You opt for higher deductible.
You use only safer cars.
You study the insurance market rate and take quotes from multiple companies.
You maintain good credit rating.
Can Insurance Policy be canceled if purchased once?

Absolutely, only if you default in paying premiums or your license is canceled. But if you inform with 30 days notice period, the insurer can repay the unused premiums after deducting the cancellation charges.

What if someone else is driving the car, am I eligible to get coverage?

Yes, because the auto insurance is related to your vehicle along with you. Hence, anyone who is driving your car with your permission is covered under Auto Insurance Policy.

What if I have rented my car, am I still eligible to get Insurance coverage?

Yes, many a time you purchase additional insurance from rental car counter, your rental policy automatically replaces your Auto Insurance Policy. So, make sure of what is covered before you opt for any other short term insurance coverage.

What should be done if we met an accident?

Carry a copy of Policy report.
Collect the other party’s insurance details.
Call your insurance agent or Insurance Company.
Let the insurer decide on should you or shouldn’t you file a claim.
If you have camera better you take the pictures of damages on your car.
If I’m not responsible for the accident, will my premiums raise anyway?

If you don’t have any bad driving or car accident history, your premiums will be stable. But if you’ve such records then your insurer may raise your premium rates considering you a risky driver.

What is the solution to minimize the insurance premiums after adding the teenager to my Auto Insurance Policy?

If you add your teenager to your Auto Insurance Policy, it is likely that the good insurance company will defiantly increase your premium rates. But you must encourage him to drive safe and develop a good driving record.

What if I’m insured but the other person is not?

To protect you from such a situation, there is an Uninsured motorist coverage introduced. This coverage is intended to protect you from those who have no insurance. Through this coverage, the best insurance companies compensate your medical treatment charges or death along with the repair costs of your vehicle.

How to determine which is the Good insurance Company?

An insurance company that has good credit in the insurance market, stable history and highest customer satisfaction, is the Good Insurance Company.

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