We are all trying to save some much needed money at the moment and one way of doing so is by shopping around and looking for the best deals on car insurance. This will help you save some money but there are also other ways to ensure you find the best deals.

One way to reduce the cost is by increasing your excess; this gives the insurer a reason to give you a cheaper quote because you are prepared to pay a certain amount before they have to chip in. Increasing your excess can help you save around 10%.

Insurers are always analysing the chances of you having to claim so if you can show that your car will be parked in a safe area, e.g. garage, then they are more likely to offer a reduced premium. Adding alarms, immobilisers and extra security to your car can also help you save around 5% on your insurance.

Another way to reduce your costs is by driving carefully; this will help you build up your no-claims bonus which is rewarded by insurers. If you have 4/5 years no-claims then you will be able to protect it which, although will increase your policy slightly, will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Pass Plus is a government incentive to encourage new drivers to be safer on the road. Courses can cost up to £200 though so double check with your insurer has not all of them support the scheme and you may find it does nothing to reduce the cost.

Many people like to make their car look or perform better. If you choose to modify your car then be prepared to pay more, so is that fancy spoiler and exhaust really worth it? So there you go, ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance. Shop around and you may be surprised with the amount of good deals available.

The ability to compare car insurance means finding the best deals is easy. Consider your options when choosing your car insurance and as prices continue to rise anything we can do to minimise insurance costs should be taken advantage of.

About the author

Karl Bantleman is a UK based author with extensive experience within the financial sector.