more regular. Drivers need to be more careful on the roads as ice starts to appear and the chances of an accident increase.

Having a comprehensive car insurance policy is extremely important at this time of year. Added to the bad weather and slippery roads is the fact that thieves look to take advantage of people having plenty of Christmas presents stored in their car. It is vital that we all remember to lock our cars even if we are only leaving it for a minute because that is all it takes.

Car crime is considerably higher at this time of year as the nights are longer and thieves are more likely to get away unseen. By simply keeping your presents out of sight and you car secure you will reduce the chance of having your car broken in to.

Heavy rain is predicted to fall throughout the autumn and winter seasons in the UK and customers are urged to ensure they are protected. Flooding can result in major damage to your car and even a fully comprehensive policy may not be enough. Each insurer has varying policies and drivers should take note of what they are covered for before choosing.

Yorkshire, Humberside and the East and West Midlands are most affected by floods so if you live in these areas make sure you have sufficient cover to protect yourself against any potential problems.

Despite petrol prices continuing to decrease and premiums following suit, car insurance still remains high. This is disappointing for everyone as car insurance remains compulsory, this means that people often cut back on their car insurance to save money. However, with the weather taking a turn for the worse and thieves looking for extra Christmas presents, customers are urged to think about which policy they choose.

The ability to compare car insurance means finding the best deals is easy. Consider your options when choosing your car insurance and as prices continue to rise anything we can do to minimise insurance costs should be taken advantage of.

About the author

Karl Bantleman is a UK based author with extensive experience within the financial sector.