At this time of year it is easy to get side-tracked with other things such as buying Christmas presents or getting enough work done so you can enjoy the festive period with minimal stress and hassle.

With a combination of bad weather and longer nights, accidents are a regular occurrence and all drivers should ensure they have sufficient cover should they need it. The last thing we want to do at the moment is to have a large bill on the table after an accident as money is already tight for many of us at the moment.

Breakdown cover is one extra that we should all have, especially at this time of year when ice can find its way on to the roads. Christmas can be an expensive time for many people so it is vital that we ensure it does not become more expensive. There are many competitive quotes on the market at the moment so take your time and find the best deal around.

Driving has become economical recently due to the decrease in petrol prices but with threats that car insurance premiums could rise again soon, everyone is trying to find the cheapest deal. However, finding a cheap deal may mean you are not sufficiently covered so it’s important to read the small print to avoid any nasty surprises.

The weather is the biggest problem at this time of year, frost and ice can cause major problems in the car and not all policies cover this, even if you have a fully comprehensive policy. Drivers are also urged not to skip their vehicles annual service as the £125 you have to pay for the service is considerably less than the cost of getting a part fixed.

Take care this Christmas time, the roads will be slippery and accidents can easily happen. Make sure you are sufficiently covered for all eventualities and remember to check the small print.

The ability to compare car insurance means finding the best deals is easy. Consider your options when choosing your car insurance and as prices continue to rise anything we can do to minimise insurance costs should be taken advantage of.

About the author

Karl Bantleman is a UK based author with extensive experience within the financial sector.