Before drivers are allowed to tax their cars for the year (or 6 months if they prefer) the vehicle must have both a valid insurance policy and an MOT pass attached to it.

An MOT is an annual test, which determines the roadworthiness and safety of a motor vehicle. Without a valid MOT certificate it is not possible to secure a valid tax disk, therefore making it illegal to drive the car.

This can, of course, lead to problems with trying to secure a car insurance policy, as a bad record could lead to higher premiums, so keeping your vehicle in shape is an essential part of car ownership.

However, before your MOT is due, there are a number of small areas on your vehicle that you can double-check, and subsequently repair in order to increase the chance of a successful pass:

  • Check that all your lights are in good working order – this should include indicators as well as headlights and side lights. Be sure to flick through all the light levels, including side, dipped and main beam to check they all work.
  • Also be sure to check that your brake and reverse lights are working – you can ask a friend or family member to help with this by standing just behind the vehicle and confirming that the lights come on when the brake is pressed.
  • Check that the horn is in good working order; try to do so during daylight hours to avoid disturbing neighbours.
  • Ensure that your tyres are within the legal limit. Check that the tread is not too shallow and that they have plenty of air in them.
  • Check that your levels of oil and windscreen washer fluid are topped up, and also if the windscreen wipers have any damage to them, split or torn ones should be replaced in order to reduce the risk of scratching.

Ensuring that your car is in good working condition can also work in your favour when searching for car insurance quotes. By driving safely and ensuring that you don’t endanger your no claims bonus, you stand a better chance of getting a cheaper insurance quote.

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