Performance cars are popular amongst those with a bit more cash to spend on their vehicles.

With powerful engines, strong chassis and comfortable interiors – as well as all the latest gadgetry in the dashboard – these cars usually fall into the class of ‘big boys toys’

But finding suitable insurance for such vehicles can be a long and expensive process. Because of their power and the cost of parts needed to fix them, most owners find themselves paying a considerable amount just to have them insured.

Insurers will take aspects such as engine size, acceleration and top speed into consideration when working out policies for performance cars. It can be worth doing a little research of your own with regards to safety and the availability of parts should any repairs need to be carried out.

Because of the stigma associated with high performance vehicles and their involvement in accidents, owners can find themselves paying higher car insurance premiums.

There are a number of companies out there who specialise in performance car insurance. However, there a few factors you could take into account when selecting your dream car – which could save you a little money on your car insurance.

  • Calculate how much mileage you could accumulate in a year, and consider how often you are likely to drive the vehicle. If it’s going to be the sort of car you’re only going to bring out on a sunny day it could be worth looking at cheaper alternatives.
  • High-performance cars can attract thieves, so it’s best to invest in some vehicle security. By making purchases such as steering locks and immobilizers you could save on car insurance, as insurers will take additional security measures in account when calculating policies.
  • Look into alternative vehicles with the same specifications. If you’re after something specific with regards to performance, it could be worth looking into vehicles in the same group, you might end up finding a vehicle with the same performance specifications but for a lower price.
  • Consider availability and cost of parts should your car need repairs, particularly if you’re looking to import your vehicle from abroad.
  • Owning a performance car can be a rewarding experience, by taking a bit of time to research your potential purchase you can save yourself time as well as money. And most importantly of all, drive carefully – yes it may have more power but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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