It is well known that young drivers are perceived to be high risk when it comes to accidents.

With an increasing number of accidents involving young drivers aiding in pushing up premiums for the rest of the insurance world, the stigma associated with young people on the road seems sure to continue.

Naivety and lack of judgement can often lead to incidents, and research suggests that being involved in a car crash came top in a list of causes of death for those aged 15-20.

Because of the stigma surrounding certain age groups, finding affordable car insurance can be a nightmare experience for those who’ve only just passed their tests.

With many car insurance companies wary of insuring young drivers because of the risks involved, finding a quote for the first time to cover a newly-qualified driver can be a very costly process. Many will simply refuse to insure those at-risk groups and focus on specific types of customers.

However, there are a couple of steps that can be taken to try and reduce first-time premiums for new drivers:

By taking a Pass Plus course after passing their driving tests, young drivers have the opportunity to gain experience in areas such as night-time driving, motorways and driving in bad weather conditions. Many insurers will take Pass Plus qualifications as part of the application, and it could help with the quest for cheap car insurance.

Make sure their first car is not too expensive and/or powerful – while it may not be the hot-rod they were expecting, it can help to save money in the long term. And the more careful the driver, the more no-claims bonus can be accumulated, leading to a drop in premium prices in future.

It is advisable to compare car insurance premiums carefully when searching for affordable quotes, and also for renewals – for many insurers may not offer incentives for loyalty.

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