We all have our own favourite make or model of car, whether it’s a souped-up sports car or a vintage classic. Many enthusiasts will spend hundreds, even thousands of pounds on maintaining and improving their vehicles.

Classic car enthusiasts pride themselves on maintaining older cars, working diligently to restore the vehicle to its former glory before driving them to ‘rallies’ in order to show them off and talk shop with fellow car enthusiasts.

Depending on the make and model of your chosen vehicle, finding spare parts and affordable car insurance can be a difficult business. With modern cars, stockists exist everywhere from the high street to online superstores – which sell everything from air fresheners to alloy wheels.

When searching for vintage car parts, however, your search may be limited, but knowing where to look can bring great results, allowing you to find the parts you need to help restore the vehicle to its original state. However, nowadays it can be worth looking to the Internet for such information, for many enthusiasts set up their own websites in order to show off photos of their cars, but also to post handy step-by-step guides on a wide variety of restoration jobs and may even offer spare parts for sale.

This can be very helpful in your quest for advice about your chosen vehicle, and can also help to put you in touch with other enthusiasts – who could offer a wide range of valuable information about finding spare parts and insurance.

Finding cheap car insurance for such vehicles can also be a frustrating, not to mention expensive process. There are a few companies which offer specialist cover for vintage and classic cars, so it’s best to shop around for quotes before deciding on one in particular. Indeed, as more enthusiasts make use of the World Wide Web in order to sell parts and offer advice, many are also turning to the internet in order to find affordable quotes on their classic car insurance.

These specialist providers will usually take into account the age and make of the vehicle. Many enthusiasts will only use their vehicles for the purposes of rallies and car shows, rather than using them as an everyday car – mostly due to their lower speeds, roadworthiness and rarity – however the vehicles are still required to be insured, even if the vehicles are only going to be used occasionally.

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