A new ruling has said that soon it will not only be an offence to drive without car insurance but also to own a car that’s not insured.
Motorists could be given a £1,000 fine and even have their vehicle taken from them thanks to a new database.
The aim of this is to target the 6% of motorists who drive without insurance. The plan is that the new legislation will allow the Motor Insurance Bureau to cross-reference its records with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency so that they can easily find those who haven’t got their car insured.
Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that the aim was to find drivers with no insurance who are endangering others on the roads and remove their cars so that they are unable to drive anywhere.
Fitzpatrick continued to tell the Radio 4 Today programme that a total of 150,000 cars were seized by police last year and that if the legislation comes into power, that number will continue to grow.
Plans will see uninsured vehicle owners issued with a letter asking why their car isn’t covered.
For those people who may collect vintage cars or keep the cars for tinkering with in the garage will be exempt from the new plans but they must apply for a Statutory Off Road Notice (Sorn).
If a person has no reasonable explanation as to why they have no car insurance then they would find themselves liable for a fixed penalty fine £100 which will rise to £1,000, and they could also face a possible court action to seize their vehicle.

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The aim of a new policy is to take drivers off the road who have no insurance .

If people don’t have reasonable explanations as to why they have no car insurance then they will receive a penalty fine.

To find cheap car insurance quotes it’s best to search the internet.

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