The state of being disease free is an important aspect in human life. It is tedious to preserve us from disease. If we suffer then the medical expenses will arise. To avoid those expenses California Health Insurance offers many insurance policies. There are various organizations in California that provide health insurance to consumers. Some of the popular insurance companies are Aetna, Blue shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, PacifiCare, Anthem Blue Cross of California etc. Various options with which they help you are health, dental and vision care.

There are still various consumers who are unaware about advantages of health insurance. One advantage is it reduces financial problems. Life is uncertain; you may suffer from heart attack or meet with an accident suddenly. If you have a health insurance, you will not face any problem. It covers all your medical bills.

There are different types of health insurance policies in California that can meet your requirement. Some of them are Affordable, Family, individual and state Health Insurance.

Affordable Insurance: The term affordable, directly refers to low-cost health insurance. With affordable health insurance, many people can pay premium amount properly without any difficulty. You will know more about it after you buy one.

Family Insurance: In this plan, you have to just take one health insurance policy for your entire family, pay low premium amount and avail various benefits.

Individual Insurance: This plan is beneficial for people who are single It is divided into four categories:

Major Medical: It deals with major health problems like surgeries and all major health disease.

Preferred Provider Organization: Here the policy is different for consulting an in-network and out-network doctor. In-network pays the full part of your medical expenses and out-network pays only the half part of your premium.

Health Maintenance Organizations: It keeps you from low medical expenses when you are consulting an in-network doctor.

High Deductible Health Insurance: In this plan you have low premium for monthly term and you have to pay until you reach the boundary of deductible line.

Student Health Insurance: Student health insurance helps you and your children from their health care expenses. Many schools and colleges may provide health insurance but you can’t rely on it.

California health insurance organization began in 1930’s in partnership with Blue Cross. The following are the providers stated here:
1. Anthem Blue Cross of California: The new motto of Anthem Blue cross is providing low-cost and Core guard for their customers.
2. Blue Shield: It is a non-profit organization.
3. DeltaDental: It takes care about the dental health of their customers.
4. Kaiser Permanente: Maintains health care of USA People.
5. PacifiCare: Serving various contractors
6. SafeGuard: It offering Services in dental, orthodontic and vision.

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