Insurance business is leveling the profit of one person with the loss of another and hence insurance companies sell policies with the hope that the policy holder would never make a claim. In reality, most of the clients do not make expensive claims and for that section of people, car insurance would prove to be a burden that cannot be avoided. So, naturally such people tend to lower the cost of insurance and try to find ways and means of achieving it.

Of course, there are a number of ideas through which low cost insurance is feasible. When the deductible is low, the premium amounts are lowered and make insurance cost low. There are certain companies that offer discount on insurance policies if the driver has completed an approved course in driver’s safety. This is encouraged by many insurance companies and helps to lower the cost of car insurance.

When safety equipment like proper safety restraints and air bags are fitted, the car insurance can be lowered and likewise, anti theft devices like locks and alarms also bring down the cost of car insurance. Insurance companies believe that students with good grades would be good drivers, thereby, reducing claim on the policies and hence come forward to reduce the cost of car insurance.

Also, that a person who drives less will not be prone to accidents is a clear fact and insurance companies cash on this fact by offering discount for people who meet certain low mileage requirements and this varies from one company to another. Generally, established and reputed companies do offer low cost car insurance but the lesser known companies offer the lowest. This is done to compete with the giants of the insurance companies and the insurance policy holder can take advantage of it.

Reputed companies have latent extra charges that may not be recognized in the first glance and are borne by people who easily fall prey to these gimmicks, surprisingly. The credit score of a person also plays a role in determining the car insurance rates. People who have bad credit are considered to be of high risk by the insurance companies (probably the companies

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