Speeding ticket not only proves your carelessness for your own car and life but it also signifies the lack of respect you give to the lives of other people. A person who is actively participating in reckless activities will surely find it hard to get a reasonable insurance. Insurance companies are very staunch in this regard; getting a speeding ticket would mean sky-rocketing insurance rates for the person who is guilty of this crime.

This happens because a person notorious for rash driving who keeps on getting a speeding ticket every other day is far more vulnerable to accidents than a driver who has a comparatively cleaner record. This gives rise to the aspect of instability in life and behavioral patterns of the offender, making him more prone to accidents and diseases. This increases the risk factor for the insurance companies. People, who are likely to get themselves hurt and file claims, are insured at extremely high prices because of the likelihood of them getting injured.

However, getting one speeding ticket is not the end of life. It wouldn’t immediately escalate the rates of your insurance if you have a good driving record to boast of. Similarly, getting a good deal of tickets every now and then with a poor driving history would not only shoot up the cost of your insurance but can also serve in getting your insurance nullified altogether. One ticket can have no consequence on your insurance, but too many tickets in a short term can also get your insurance invalidated. Your driving history is analyzed regularly when the time is ripe for the renewal of your insurance. But, if you attempt for improving your performance on the roads and abating the cycle of getting a ticket, then your insurance rates will also decreases in a matter of time.

In 3-5 years, your insurance rates can go back to their initial value but the stain of speeding ticket will be here to stay. It will not vanish into thin air, nor will it disappear into the state of non-existence. It would stay there and remind your insurance renewal authorities of the irresponsible attitude you have shown in previous times. If there are too many speeding tickets within a small range of time, any potential insurance giver can turn his back on you. With a speeding ticket, if you have committed the offence of accidents, than pray to God to get an insurance policy that is financially viable for you.

The most realistic and practical way to avoid getting a speeding ticket and in turn be able to evade the high cost of insurance is to comply with the traffic laws. They exist for your convenience, not the advantage of the authorities like cops and men in courts. Do not give in to your catastrophic desires of speeding. That way you will avoid getting any speeding ticket and also steer clear of accidents which are also synonymous with reasonable insurance prices and no likelihood of getting rejected from any insurance company.

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