Life has entered in to a corporate sector. As hire purchase has launched earlier, almost 65% of the world are having their own car. It has happened to a situation that any situation can occur at any time. It may be not to human alone but also in the case of cars too. As car sales have rapidly increased, auto owners insurance has become a very important aspect to the car owners.

Auto owners insuranceis mainly for the protection of any liabilities, theft or accidental damage to the cars. Liabilities mainly include the liabilities that are from third party. Auto owners insurance is massively expensive. As hire purchase scheme launched, auto owners insurance is possible very easily. The insurance dues can be paid as an installment on yearly basis.

Auto owners insurance can be obtained from various insurance companies that deal within the country. It is very difficult to choose the best insurance as the insurance companies are highly competitive. So, the best thing which can be done is to shop around for the best. By doing this, best insurance can be obtained.


To obtain the best features on insurance point of view, the due has to be paid every year as long as the car exists. Dues are paid every year by estimating the current value of the car.


Insurance can be claimed from the insurance company if the car is theft or if the car gets damaged from accident. In both cases, only after getting the first information report (FIR) from the police department, insurance can be claimed. FIR is needed in order to confirm that the incident has occurred to the car. The insurance company verifies the report and does the needful for the car.

The following circumstances are the situations that can be occurred and they can be claimed from the insurance. Nowadays, rash driving is found in all places. In such cases, accidents occur frequently. Car owner are liable to the third party for the accident knowingly or unknowingly. In such cases, the liabilities can be partly or even fully be claimed from the insurance.

There is another risk to the cars which is theft occurrence to the car. If the car is theft, then it is the loss to the owner. Those losses can be claimed from the insurance by submitting the legal documents to the insurance company.

Thus car insurance is an important aspect and must be applied at the time of buying the car itself.

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