A complete medical insurance cover can be very expensive that’s because a complete coverage provides you complete security. But for someone who has a tight budget, they are some ways by which you can take care of yourself if something untoward happens. Some health insurance providers offer lower cost plans that would cover only some specified conditions.

Due to the rising cost of medical treatment the life insurance policies are becoming costlier then ever, to overcome such a situation some health insurers have chosen to provide cheaper insurance policies and for this the private insurers provides protection only for a specified three conditions these are the most common cancer, heart disease and stroke are common conditions nowadays and that needed to be covered by specific condition insurance plans. Statistics show that almost 33% of people are in risk of getting affected by cancer, 40% of people are at risk of heart disease and another 30% in danger of getting a stoke. So if you take a plan covering these three conditions then at least you are covered by a cover that takes care of these three biggest killers. If there is ever a chance that you have to call up on a plan then at least you are assured of that you wont have to spend a booty for even the early diagnosis or a treatment that will be provided in a private hospital. These plan generally also include access to helpline where you can take the advantage of free counseling and knowledge of health information.

As mentioned above, health insurance providing companies offer different kind of health insurance, they can even formulate a program where in they cover cancer and heart disease only. But in many cases where in the new drugs are not available in the market like in the case of cancer, they offer plans only for cancer. You can find a variety of cancer plans and you can choose depending on your needs. Some insurance programs also provide the benefit of giving a lump sum amount to the insurer and give the liberty to spend the money the way he or she wants. This means that, they can even keep the money with themselves to be spent for childcare or towards money spent on cleaning your house when you are in hospital for treatment. Other benefits may include such as monthly income payments for a certain period of months or paying the hospital bill for a certain number of days spent in the hospital for the treatment. As mentioned above, about the various kinds of insurance plans for cancer, these plans are sometimes can be gender specific, like in the case of ovarian or breast cancer for women.

In some other cancer plans the health insurer provides cover only for treatment, for example they provide cover for the cost of drugs and administration. These kinds of plans have their own advantages, but it also depends on the area where you live in. Suppose if you are living in a place where the drugs are available to all and the waiting time for the treatment is also ok, then these kinds of plans may not be a good choice for you. And in some cases if the patient chooses for a complete protection against the cost of treatment against the cancer then you can always opt for a plan that comprehensive private cover.

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